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Starbright is pleased to announce the "Creative Poetry Contest" Past winners ! Let's congratulate the following children for their creativity, awareness, efforts, and a job well done! Read their entries, perhaps you will be inspired to write a poem of your own!

We certainly are PROUD of these 3 wonderful Planetpals!
3 cheers for 3 pals! click me and listen!
Old Tappan, New Jersey
3 rd Grade


Future Dreaming

I went out to play,
It was a gloomy day.
I looked in the sky and on the ground,
And noticed pollution all around.
The sky was full of smoke,
There was enough to make the birds choke.
On the ground were cans,
And lots of paper too.
I thought to myself,
I should pick up a few.
Then I thought of the future,
And how it would be
And if it were clean,
How much it would mean to me.
If you think the world is important to ou,
Then the choice is yours of what to do!


Perth, Western Australia
8 th Grade


The Planet

We humans can be mean. As we don't keep the Earth clean.
We should care , about the air. We should feed a hungry bear.
We shouldn''t leave , the world in a mess , as we need it no less.
Hey you can help by doing your part ,
by not trashing it and cleaning with all your heart.
We should help give more life to Earth as it is the place ,where we give birth.
Don't take the world for all it's got .
As we might need it when you think not.
This Earth is very important to us , as it gives us a place to live.
So dear friends of the world , don't give Earth , the tip.
No one should walk by old rubbish , and leave it ,throw it in the bin ,and leave it.
Don't leave rubbish in the water , as fish will die is the get caught.
How can I help, you might say .
Take my advice and don't throw your junk away.
Put it in the bins , that's where it belongs , or recycle it asthat is not wrong.
Recycling can be fun , if you use your imagination.
You should help the Earth and not destroy it too ,
don't throw junk on it and it will help you .
Tell your friends what I said and you'll be a friend to earth,
instead of it becoming dead.


GI Gymnast


Earth Day Should Be Everyday!

There is a day that is drawing near,
it is said to be the cleanest day of the year,
but we must continue working, we cannot stop here!
For if we do, there will be no clean days in our year.
The environment needs us to clean up our mess
we must help out, we must do our best
for the endangered animals, for the air and the plants,
for the whole universe, for the helpless, small ants...
we must help the ozone and cool the heat of the sun,
for these things aren't at fault for what we have done.
So, if you truley do care and want to do right,
I suggest you start working everyday and night.
For it was humans that made the Earth a distress
and it is also humans that can finally give the Earth a rest.

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