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Let Planetpals Help With Your EarthDay or Earth Month Event!Earthman

PLANETPALS / Friends for Earth...If you haven't included PLANETPALS in your earthday activity, why not do so this year! See why Planetpals has been instrumental in inspiring and educating children about their environment in a fun way and has been a welcome addition to so many Earth celebrations worldwide with:

A friend in need is a friend in deed... For over a decade PLANETPALS has taken part in Earthdayfestivities in conjunction with many organizations and schools:

Planetpals characters have been used as mascots, Planetpals recycle kits and activities have been distributed to children, and Planetpals website has provided "The greatest Earthday pages ever" and "EARTHZINE magazine" full of fun and fact. Teachers use it in their classroom as a source of Earth science information about energy, recycling, hazardous wastes, precycling and more. Planetpals characters are colorful and inviting for children of all ages and adults, too.

According to a recent BBC review..."Join Earthman and his colorful friends on a fun packed tour of the planet we live on. You will uncover tons of new facts about the weather, land seas and how to make the world a healthier place for everyone to live on."

Even more for EARTH DAY This Year...This year Planetpals products are available to assist you in even more funtastic ways: Try Planetpals products for your Earth day events, Earth day promotions, Earth day publications.

Contact us if you wish to include any of the following PLANETPALS products in your event:

Planetpals Activities
Planetpals Music and Songs
Planetpals Kids Page
Earth Day Novelties

Planetpals activities:

PLANETPALS activities are great promotions for Earth day events, used as a take home or event activity. Planetpals activities stand alone or can be distributed in conjunction with Planetpals web site or kids page.

Planetpals Activity Book

Planetpals books

Our Exclusive Art!

Hundreds Pages of FUN!:

  • Planetpals Exclusive Recycle Symbols Clip Art
  • Planetpals Recycle Kits
  • Planetpals Recycle Lessons
  • Planetpals Yard Sale Sign
  • Planetpals Precycle Kit
  • Planetpals Playnouse and Puppets
  • Planetpals Coloring Pages
  • Learn to Draw the Planetpals page
  • Planetpals Card Game
  • Planetpals Earthday Kids Page
  • MORE

Planetpals Songs

For your event, your classroom, you or your kids:

A collection of 11 sing along songs for kids of every age! Produced by Digital Productions exclusively licensing Planetpals characters.

Great for classrooms and prizes too!

Planetpals Music CD
Our Exclusive Songs!

11 exclusive Planetpals sing along songs!
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Listen
  • Learn !

Learn more:
Fun and educational

Planetpals Toys

Great for any Earthday Event or the classroom-5 puzzles in all


Planetpals Kids Page

Enhance your publication with the Earth day Issue of Planetpals Kids Page full of exclusive activities. Hand it out at your event!

Planetpals Kids page is available for magazines as a special issue as well as monthly with timely topics.


*Includd in a special PEACE issue of the Kids Page in the Jan/April PEACE and HEALING Issue of CHILD ART MAGAZINE.

ChildArt MAGAZINE inspires children ages 8 to 80 to be more creative, imaginative, artistic and cooperative. Written for children ages 8 to 12, ChildArt is a remarkable supplementary material for courses in art and world cultures. Mrs. Harriet Mayor Fulbright, formerly head of President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, is Editor-in-Chief. Check it out at

Learn more about the Kids Page and our other syndications

Planetpals Products

our products

You Pick the design on:

Kid's Tee Shirts
Adult Tee Shirts
Tote Bags

Lunch Bags


Mouse Pads

Check out the store/ see our designs
Inquire now about custom designs


PP puzzle

Top Ten Toy: Planetpals Puzzle!

Rated among top ten !


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Learn about licensing Planetpals for your product!  

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