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An Exclusive Collection of Planetpals Crafts with Green Themes for Everyday and Holiday

Planetpals crafts are educational , fun and free. Download them all and have a world of fun from your favorite Pals!

Remember USE RECYCLED MATERIALS when possible! That includes rec ycled papers from magazines, newspapers, and the other side of school work!

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Valentines holidays:

Heart Paper Cuts:
Exclusive Planetpals Learn about paper cutting, three different patterns for Valentines or Any day!

valentine patterns

Winter / Christmas holidays:

Make your own" I Love You" card:
Exclusive Planetpals Send this card for Valentines or to any friend on any day!

valentines card

Make a Christmas Card:
Exclusive Planetpals card. Print and play, cut and color.

christmas card

Make a Holiday Ornament:
Exclusive Planetpals "Seasons greenings" print, cut, paste tree ornament

holiday ornament

Make Your Own Box Ornament:
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Hang this square box shaped ornament for any holiday!

holiday ornament

Japanese Origami STAR Ornament
Exclusive Planetpals Learn about the Japanese art of paper folding. Make an Origami star ornament from paper squares. Make one for your tree, or several to decorate your house or presents!
origami star

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eco friendly blog
Planetpals Earthday Everyday CRAFTS

Planetpals Free Green Crafts:
Patterns and directions for all ages!


Beadie Babies Bead crafts:
Exclusive Planetpals Nine instruction patterns in all, one for each Planetpal. Easy to follow directions that show you how to make them out of beads...very cute and lots of fun!

beady craft

Paper Dolls:
Exclusive Planetpals Print and play. Cut out Planetpals paper Doll and learn about the seasons, comes with four outfits.

paper doll

Make a Folding Earthman Box! Exclusive Planetpals Why not use recycled paper? Fill it with shells or rocks or notes on how to be a better Planetpal!

folding earth man box recycle craft

Paper Mache Recipes and Patterns:
Exclusive Planetpals Three Patterns! Make the Planetpal, the world, or a Santa Ornament in Paper Mache.

paper mache earth

Paper Clay
Learn how to make paper clay for many things from scrap tubes, egg cartons andother paper discards and recycle.

paper clay

Dryer Lint Crafts
Exclusive Planetpals
Dryer lint clay, Paper Mache and Paper! Three recipes

dryer lint recipes

Recycle Sand and Jars--Sand Art
Planetpals Exclusive!
Recipe and Directions.
Great for any age group! They can do pictorial art or fill jars. Or you can give them black and white coloring pages to fill
recycle sand art

Paper Making Recipe
Exclusive Planetpals
Learn how to make paper for many thing from scrap paper and discards and recycle.
make paper

Make a Recycled Button Bracelet
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled buttons and beads bracelets and tieing a jewelry knot

Make a Recycled Button Pins
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled button Pin from old jewelry and buttons-plus free stencils

Mosaic Picture Frame One of my Faves. Popsicle sticks or an old picture frame and junk mail or old cards! Make xmas gifts from xmas cards-or other holidays. Cut up magazines and do animals or whatever! Fun! Add a string use as an ornament!

mosaic picture frame popsicle stick recycle craft

Make A Bird Flasher Ornament From CD
Directions for making recycled CD Bird Flasher or Ornament to hang outside or in!

recycled ornament from cd

Make and Resemble Printable Globe
Planetpals Exclusive!

printable globe

Make Natural Painted Rock Decor
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
painting rocks and other rock decor

painted rocks

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Planetpals books
Planetpals Activity Books buy green now
Planetpals Earthday Everyday CRAFTS

Make Your Own Boxes
Exclusive Planetpals Patterns and ideas to make your own boxes from recycled boxes plus recycle gift wrap ideas
make ur own boxes

Make a Memory Box or Memory Greeting Card
Exclusive Planetpals

Perfect for Father's Day, Mothers Day, Anyday!
Start with recycled paper, card or make your own paper from recycled paper.

memory box recycle craft memory card recycle craft

Dry Flowers:
Exclusive Planetpals Tips, tricks , techniques to save one of Earth's beautiful delights
silica2 silica3 silica

Make A Plastic Bag Holder
Exclusive Planetpals Learn how to make a grocery bag holder for beach, home, park
recycle bag

Recycle Bottles: Exclusive Planetpals Not for kids! Use a dremel or glass cutter to cut bottles and make glasses, etc. This was a 60's favorite. Use bottles from a favorite drink-or as a gift. Directions.
recycle bottles craft

Stationery and Envelope Idea
Exclusive Planetpals T wo patterns. Shows you how to make stationery to send to your friends out of paper.

Holiday Stencils for Recycle Crafts
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Make ornaments, cards, tags for any holiday!

eco friendly holiday stencils

Planetpals Characters Coloring Page
Exclusive Planetpals Print and use Planetpals coloring art to your crafts or as models for clay projects--extend the recycle message!

planetpals coloring page

Free Activity of the month in our magazine Every issue of Earthzone has a craft for you.

Planetpals Non Toxic CRAFTS

Non Toxic Crafts:

Make Natural Dyes Great for for Play Dough and Other Crafts...How to use Rose Petals, Beetroot, Blueberries, Tumaric and Bark as natural dye

natural play dough

Make A Non Toxic Fingerpaint Exclusive Planetpals

non toxic fingerpain

Make A Non Toxic Paper Glue Exclusive Planetpals

non toxic glue

Make A Non Toxic Play Dough Exclusive Planetpals


Make A Non Toxic Glitter Exclusive Planetpals

non toxic glitter

Make Beeswax Non Toxic Crayons

beezwax crayons natural non toxic

Make A Non Toxic Puffy Paint Exclusive Planetpals


Natural Play Dough Play Clay
Planetpals Exclusive! Cook and No cook recipes to make natural Playdough-see the natural dye recipes below, too!

.play dough

Earthday Characters
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