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eco friendly thanksgiving ideas crafts

An Exclusive Collection of Green Thanksgiving Ideas, Tips, Crafts. Eco Friendly and Fun! (for December Holidays go here)

What's Here:

Worldwide Thanksgiving:

All Holidays:

A United Nations Thanksgiving Proclamation

un logo

In November 1997, the U.N. General Assembly unanimously declared the year 2000 as the International Year of Thanksgiving.

This declaration marked the first time the General Assembly voted unanimously in favor of a spiritual idea, according to the Center for World Thanksgiving at Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, which has coordinated celebrations in different parts of the world and gathered information on harvest and thanksgiving festivals throughout the year.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving:
A World-wide Tradition!


Did you know that eight nations of the world have official Thanksgiving Days?

The nations are: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Switzerland, and the United States!

And, while these seven nations have official days of thanksgiving, many countries have unofficial festivals of thanksgiving that are held throughout the year.

In Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Japan, harvest festivals have been taking place for centuries. Indeed, people from various cultures all over the world celebrate the communal gathering of a good crop.

These various harvest festivals are observed with different names and in different seasons, with each region embracing its unique customs and traditions to celebrate the occasion. Though the mode of celebration may differ from one culture to another, prayer, parades, and feasts are common with shared feelings of gratitude, harmony, and peace.

Cloth Napkins are a Greener Choice

napkin folding

Napkin Folding Ideas For The Holidays.

If you are Eco conscious, cloth napkins can be a better alternative to paper products for the table. Make your table greener and more festive this holiday with folded napkins. Buy them new, or better yet, buy or use an heirloom ...more

Great Idea for School, Home, Homeschool for the Holiday!

Do it Thanksgiving Day with Family.

Do it in the classroom as a lesson.

Thankful turkey thanksgiving activity for kids

You can get it here!

Thanksgiving Travel Can Be A Gas....Saver

copyright planetpals card

According to AAA 38.4 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home during Thanksgiving and the weekend, a 1.4 percent increase over last year when 37.8 million traveled for the holiday. That's a lot of gas!

With gas at a premium cost this year and the planet in need of less emissions here are some simple useful tips to help you conserve and cut those costs Thanksgiving and everyday:

Saving gas is a gas!

  • Travel together in groups to your thanksgiving destination
  • Plan your trip: Use the most efficient route
    Have a local dinner or drop in for neighbors
  • When preparing for your event combine errands, and trips.
  • Carpool errands with a friend and you will both save on gas and have fun!
  • Don't use drive up windows...park and drive in
  • Service your car it will keep it at peak performance
  • Go lightly on the gas pedal
  • Don't pump your brakes
  • Don't idle for long periods of time
  • Empty the car and trunk of extra items
  • Put items in the trunk instead of your roof
  • Drive 55 mph instead of 65 (you save 15%!)
  • Don't use your air conditioning
  • Use your 5th gear whenever possible
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Buy a Fuel Saver of some kind
  • Use the lowest octane gas
  • Don't rev your engine
  • Of course walk, bike, bus when you can and save gas altogether!
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Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Paper Bag Turkey Table Decoration

paper bag turkey thanksgiving decoration

Feather Wreath Lovely natural wreath made with feathers collected on The Cape Cod seashore , MA by Marti Warren :)

feather wreath autumn

Paint squash, leaves, acorns, pine-cones and pumpkins for your table decor

painted pumpkins

Carve Pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Not just for Halloween anymore

Check out our Pumpkin Craft and Gourd Craft ideas board on Pinterest

carve pumpkins or thanksgiving craft

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Craft Ideas on our Pinterest Board

Make Fall Pumpkins that Autumn make your Holiday Decor and Yard Beautiful

Thanksgiving Free Downloads

Change the Season with Planetpals Paper Doll:
Exclusive Planetpals Print and play. Cut out Planetpals paper Doll and learn about the seasons, comes with four outfits.

paper doll

Holiday Stencils for Recycle Crafts
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Make ornaments, cards, tags for any holiday!

eco friendly holiday stencils

Thanksgiving Treats For the Birds

Feed the Birds, Too! Recycled Milk Container Bird Houses
If you paint these you can use them outdoors!

milk carton birds house

Planetpals Green Thanksgiving

We suggest you make decorations,gifts and food from recycled materials-It's the green way to go!

Planetpals puts an 'E' in your Thanksgiving with E Tips.

copyright judith gorgone thanksgiving

15 great 'E'cology tips to help you make a greener world this holiday!

1. When food and holiday shopping combine trips to save gas and energy

2. Buy in bulk: Use large soda containers instead of many small cans.

3. Bake your pies and dishes in reusable pans not disposable aluminum

4. Cook Many things in your oven at the same time to save energy

5. Light a fire in the hearth to save on energy. Even better, make newspaper logs!

6. Have a cooler with drinks for a large gathering-opening and closing the refrigerator let's the cold air out and uses more energy

7. Have a designated Recycle Bin for guests Use Planetpals Free Recycle Sign

8. Use cloth napkins, place mats and table covers. It not only makes the day more special, it saves paper!

9. Make your own paper place cards and menus. Make them from your own handmade paper. See Planetpals Paper Making Recipe.

10. Make a delicious recipes from those decorative pumpkins, berries and gourds (yes, you can cook some varieties) after the holiday. Don't just throw them away!

11. Recycle your decorations from year to year.

12. Make decorations from recycled materials. this is a great craft for kids.

13. Make paper mache decorations such as paper mache pumpkins. They not only can be reused, you are reusing paper! See Planetpals Paper Mache Recipe.

14. Make decorations from edibles such as fruit and cloves. The options are endless, just use creativity!

15. It takes a lot of energy to make new containers, paper products and packaging. Be diligent in recycling all your newspapers, cans, bottles, plastics, cardboard and other materials.

Always Remember the 4 "R"s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair!

Tis the Season for Homespun Traditions

recycle art

The holiday season is a time for sharing with friends and family near and far. Why not start a new old fashioned tradition this year that will last a lifetime. Use one of these simple ideas that scream "Home Made Holiday Spirit.... read more

Start a New Tradition!

Ten Creative Ways to Give Thanks. Start A New Tradition! read more

Start a New Tradition To Give Thanks for Thankgiving

Don't Gobble Up The Earth!

Learn how you can to SAVE MONEY and SAVE EARTH This Thanksgiving


Saving money and the planet for the holidays can be easier with these simple tips!

These ideas and suggestions are just the beginning of things you can do for your pocket and Mother Earth. The biggest step of all is simply to cut
down on the amount of things -- presents, decorations, and just plain "stuff" -- you buy.

That's hard during the holidays. So, to help you cut down where you can, we have compiled one of the best list of tips on earth:

Decorations and table Settings

  • Consider synthetic decor and pumpkins that can be used year after year.
  • Buy a potted plants with roots that can be planted after the holidays
  • Decorate with recyclable, compostable, or bird-friendly materials
  • Instead of buying new decor - use family heirlooms or buy them in thrift store.
  • Make them from recycled materials!

    With Kids:

    Get kids involved! Have the kids make gifts and decorations or help you. They
    will learn the joy of gift giving as well as learn new skills! Try to incorporate earth friendly ingredients or recycled as well as reusable items.
  • Make cards from craft supplies or make cards from last year’s cards and wrap.
  • Make homemade cookies or breads and decorate them
  • Grow plants or herbs from seeds starting early!
  • Plant small seedlings in hand painted pots or recycled pots
  • Make ornaments from paper mache and hand paint them (See for the best paper mache recipes ever including lint dryer clay).
  • A no cost solution: Have them write a poem or story and illustrate it! Use a recycled frame and frame it!

    After The Thanksgiving:

    What you do with your decorations and ornaments is as important as how you decorate for the holidays.

  • If you live in a nice climate, plant that gift plant
  • Recycle those gifts and baskets by putting them away and reusing them next year…or giving them to someone who will.
  • Have left over decorations, boxes wrap or unwanted gifts? Keep on giving by donating them to a recycle center, swap shop,, or a thrift store.

    For more tips and fun facts about earth consult

Recycle Your Pumpkins After Thanksgivinghow to recycle pumpkins

Plan Ahead! Recycle Your Fall Pumpkins!

At Planetpals we say waste not, want not! So, we've come up with this great list of not only useful, but yummy ideas to help you utilize and recycle the pumpkins you used to decorate for the Fall holidays: (All recipes here.)

recycle pumpkin

Paint it and turn it into a winter snowman
Bake the Pumpkin Seeds
Grow New Pumpkins with the Seeds
Use it as a Pumpkin Planter
Use it as a Pumpkin Cooler or Bowl
Create a Pumpkin Bird Feeder
Compost That Pumpkin
Pumpkin Potpourri
Make Pumpkin Baby Food
Baked Pumpkin
Baked Stuffed Pumpkin
Beef and Pumpkin Stew
Black Bean and Roasted Pumpkin Salad
Cereal Pumpkin Bread
Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins
Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding
Creamy Pumpkin Soup
Glazed Pumpkin Cookies
Honey Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Chili
Pumpkin Curry
Pumpkin Fudge
Pumpkin Gingerbread
Pumpkin Mincemeat Pie
Pumpkin Muffins
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Waffles
Stuffed Pumpkin

Lastly, if you can't do any of these, just give it away to someone who will!

Orange you glad we compiled this list of PUMPKIN Recycle ideas?

Moonbeam Pilgrim
Planetpals Green Thanksgiving Crafts

Edible Food Art Thanksgiving Crafts:

Celebrate with the pilgrims!
This works with bento or any meal-even turkey!

bento pilgrim edible art

Healthy Turkey Plate Just add colored peppers and a sandwich

green trukey Sandwich

Apple place cards
Make turkeys or pilgrim heads with hats!

edible food ar thanksgiving

Pilgrim Heads Fruit Make Pilgrims from Oranges or tangerines using recycled paper

orabge pilgrims food art

Squash Turkeys make fun tabletops

squash  craft

Pumpkin Pilgrims too cute--like the oranges but use pumpkins -how about a butternut squash!

pumpkin pilgrims natural craft thanksgiving

Squash Pilgrim too cute, too!

squash geese pilgrim craft

Thanksgiving TeePee Make these with a cone, some sweets and frosting! Fun for a centerpiece!

food art indian teepee

Turkey Sandwiches Food Art Style Make these with peppers, pickles, apples, the sky's the limit

turkey Sandwiches Food Art Style

Gobble up this fruit feathered Turkey Make with a pear, apple and orange slices.

food art thanksgiving turkey fruit

Fruity turkey 2 Make with a pear, and berry fruits...very colorful!

turkey food art kids

Thanksgiving Recycle Crafts:

Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor A Table of fun-Pilgrim hat made with a cup, Santa Maria made with cup and straw, turkey leg name tag made with a brown bag.

kids thanksgiving table ideas crafts

Milk Jug could use other plastic jugs, too!

milk jug turkey

Thankful Turkey Jar Teach kids to give thanks with this meaningful recycle jar turkey

make a turkey thanksgiving recycle jar

Thanksgiving Turkey
Make a turkey from a toilet paper roll or cup.thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat
Make a pilgrim hat from toilet paper roll or cup (for larger ones use large yogurt containers). Take off the bottom of the cup and fill it or leave it as is.
thanksgiving hat

Toilet Paper Pilgrims
Make a pilgrim or Indian with TP Rolls. When i was a kid we used to make them from oranges and put a hat on!
Thanksgving recycle craft  preschool

Thanksgiving Recycle Craft Clothespin Pilgrims. Make a pilgrim or Indian with paint or add paper or fabric scrap clothing

Thanksgivong recycle craft clothespin pilgims

Recycle Boat That Floats!
A Not only can you make it--you can float it. Made from waxed milk, juice or cream container. Perfect for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria

milk bottle boat

Pilgrim Hat Name Card Holder
This is a fun decoration for the table to hold name cards
recycle thanksgiving craft decoration

Pilgrim Planters Make these cute decorations from cans, soda cans, plastic jars and recycled materials

pilgrim planters recycle craft

Make Hand Turkeys Make a turkey using kids hands-use the back of cereal and food boxes-paint them colors-glue them together.

recycle craft thanksgovong hands turkeys

Another hand Turkey

hand turkey craft

Pine-cone Turkey make this with Pine cones, paper, pipe cleaners, feathers or other recycled materials

pinecone turkey

Fall Leaves and Recycled Can Craft - you can do this with any metal or glass container!

fall leaves recycle craft

Cereal Box Thanksgiving Turkeys On A Stick- Give a unique and colorful approach to Thanksgiving by re-using old cereal boxes and forming them into turkey lollies!

cereal box turkeys

Recycled Cork Turkey Place Card - perfect for the table use corks and toothpicks and paper scraps to make this name place turkey

recycle craft thanksgiving

Pumpkin Seed Art A Perfect Craft to do with all those discarded Pumpkin Seeds. Just use food coloring or paint to color the seeds :)

pumpkin seed art

Turkey Made With Fall Leaves a Natural-use recycled materials and make it greener.

Leave this Turkey to the birds

Paper Bag Turkey How cute is this!

paper bag trueky kids crafts


The Best Activities on Earth! Check them out.


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Thankful Turkey Kid Thanksgiving Activity
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