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We have additional crafts and fun activities
every month.

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Teach Kids to Love and Care for Earth Recycle Craft!

At Planetpals we believe if you teach kids to appreciate beautiful things on Earth, they will learn to love and care for it! It's that simple.

Recycle Everyday Objects

Great craft for a school lesson plan, girl scouts, boy scouts or home project,

To Go With This Also Make:

Presents Recycle Crafts:

Make a Recycle Treasure or Tool Jar!
Planetpals Exclusive!
Unique Ideas, how to instructions, samples. Make a treasure jar for holidays, mothers day, fathers day, everyday.
Simple and Easy.
treasure jar craftrecycle jar craft

Recycle Trophy Cup
Lots of fun for any special person made from cups and paper rolls. "World's Best Mom" "World's Best Dad" "World's Best Brother" or "Best Soccer Player"."World's Best Planetpal"
Possibilities endless and so cute!
recycle trophy cup

Mini Tool Boxes from Recycled Tins
Perfect for Father's Day!
Simple idea-paint them one color or paint a design. Just an old tin (any size) and a handle.
toolbox tins

A Key (Chain) That Will Stay Close to Dad's Heart!

Exclusive Planetpals
Use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier...directions

mosaic picture frame popsicle stick recycle craft

Rolled Paper Picture Frame or mirror: Another great frame idea. Roll magazine paper or junk mail and glue it on an old frame or mirror. An upcycled gift! These sell in stores for upwards of 15.00!

rolled picture frame recycle craft

Paper Making Recipe
Exclusive Planetpals
Learn how to make paper for many thing from scrap paper and discards and recycle.
make paper

Make a Memory Box or Memory Greeting Card
Perfect for Father's Day, Mothers Day, Anyday!
Start with recycled paper, card or make your own paper from recycled paper.

memory box recycle craft memory card recycle craft

Make a Recycled Button Bracelet
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled buttons and beads bracelets and tieing a jewelry knot

Make a Recycled Button Pins
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled button Pin from old jewelry and buttons-plus free stencils


Make another craft!

Looking for more interactive things to make here at Earthzone?

Every issue of our magazine has a special craft of the month! Free Activities in your email from the kidsclub! Try the Planetpals coloring page, recycle kit, card game, or check out our freebeez page.

Make A Handprint Keychain or Bookmark

This simple project can be done with any age kids as the hands will be reduced in a copier. Can be done with one child or a handful.

Use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier, then finish this great craft: Paint it. Decorate it. Laminate it. One hand for each of Dad's treasured kids.

How To Make A Handprint Keychain

Tools Needed To Make This Keychain:

  • Paper (recycled of course-use the other side of school work!)
  • Keyring
  • Laminator
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Hole Puncher


*Important: make sure you help small children use any sharp objects you use to make the holes or predrill for them!

  1. Have kids trace their hands on paper
  2. Then color it in with any design
  3. Photocopy the final hand drawings at a smaller size (50% or whatever you want)
  4. Put it through the laminator (or bring to a copy center and have them laminate it)
  5. Cut around the laminated hand
  6. Punch holes in one corner
  7. String on keychain
  8. You're done!

keychain handprint

Options / Ideas:

  • Make bookmark(s) instead of a keychain
  • Frame the handprint(s)
  • Make with shrinkydink


We made both the bookmark (actual size hands) and keychain (smaller size hands). (above)

This craft is ŠJag reproduction restricted