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Moonbeam is a Planetpal

Hello, I'm Moonbeam
I give you light

I control the tides
and bring you night

If the air is polluted
dirty clouds you'll see

there won't be night light
'cause you won't see me

Ancient Cultures Full Moon Names

Since the beginning of time people have been naming the Moon and Stars. The FULL MOON and night sky has been a source of wonder for all.

THE full moon Names below have derived from the habitats and the everyday
habits of their cultures.

Enjoy this list of names for the Full Moon from different cultures around the world. Just by reading the names you can understand something about that culture, for instance, the Dakota Indian names for October are "The moon when quilling and beading is done".

Colonial American
Celtic 1
Celtic 2
Medieval England
Neo Pagan
January Winter Quite Storm Holiday Wolf Cold Cooking Wolf Ice
February Trapper's Ice Chaste Budding Snow Boney Little Famine Storm Snow
March Fish Winds Seed Sleepy Sap Windy Big Famine Chaste Death
April Planter's Growing Hare Peony Seed Flower Wildcat Seed Awakening
May Milk Bright Dyan Dragon Flower Planting Panther Hare Grass
June Rose Horse's Mead Lotus Strawberry Green Corn Windy Dyan Planting
July Summer Claiming Corn Hungary Buck Ripe Corn Crane Mead Rose
August Dog's Day Dispute Barley Harvest Sturgeon Fruit Women's Corn Lightening
September Harvest Singing Blood Chrysanthemum Corn Nut Mulberry Barley Harvest
October Hunter's Harvest Snow Kindly Raven Harvest Blackberry Blood Blood
November Beaver Dark Oak White Hunter's Trading Sassafras Snow Tree
December Christmas Cold Wolf Bitter Cold Snow Peach Oak Long Night

Dakotah Sioux
Old Farmer's Almanac
January Of the Terrible Great Spirit Moon Wolf (or Old, Moon after Yule)
February Of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop Sucker Spawning Moon Snow Moon (or Hunger Moon)
March When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow Of the Crust on the Snow Worm Moon (or Crow, Crust, Sugar, Sap Moon)
April When Geese Return in Scattered Formation Sap Running Moon Pink (or Sprouting Grass, Egg, Fish Moon)
May When Leaves Are Green, Moon To Plant Budding Moon Flower (or Corn Planting, Milk Moon)
June When June Berries Are Ripe Strawberry Moon Strawberry (or Rose, Hot Moon)
July Of the Middle Summer Middle of Summer Moon Buck (or Thunder, Hay Moon)
August When All Things Ripen Rice-Making Moon Sturgeon (or Red, Green Corn Moon)
September When The Calves Grow Hair Leaves Turning Moon Harvest (or Corn, Barley Moon)
October When Quilling and Beading is Done Falling Leaves Moon Hunters (or Travel, Dying Grass Moon)
November When Horns Are Broken Off Ice Flowing Moon Beaver (or Frost Moon)
December Twelfth Moon Little Spirit Moon Cold Moon (or Long Nights, Moon before Yule)
Go Ahead Call Me Names!

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