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How to make DIY Kitchen Counter Compost Bin with Recycled Materials!

Simple "make your own" compost bin idea for the kitchen counter top

Sample of a store bought compost bin

store boght plastic compost bin

Composting can be easy if you have a compost bin right on the counter. Of course you need to keep a larger bin elsewhere. But daily collecting of food scraps and other compostable waste is pretty simple when you have a handy bin that is odor free and easily accessible.

You can buy expensive counter top bins, but why not recycle something and make your own bin?

store bought compost bin

How you wonder? All you have to do is get a coffee can or other plastic container and cut a few holes in the top. Voila! A compost bin for the kitchen or camper. You can leave the bin as is, or cover it in washable wallpaper or contact paper to match your decor. Put one in every room that has compostable waste!

Make this DIY counter compost bin in minutes

compost bin from the store

What you need:

  • Plastic container with top (we used coffee containers)
  • Hole punch
  • Decorate it (paint, washable cover)

What you can compost in it:

Ever wonder exactly what you can compost? Aside from vegetable and fruit waste you can compost many things, some may surprise you!

Here is a list of items from the EPA:

Animal manure
Cardboard rolls
Clean paper
Coffee grounds and filters
Cotton rags
Dryer and vacuum cleaner lint
Fireplace ashes
Fruits and vegetables
Grass clippings
Hair and fur
Hay and straw
Nut shells
Shredded newspaper
Tea bags
Wood chips
Wool rags
Yard trimmings
Learn more about Recycling


PS: Empty the bin regularly into your outside bin. This is not meant to be a compost bin, but merely as a convenient place to collect daily waste. We have used both store bought and home made bins this way and

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