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Planetpal's website awards are selectively given to websites we feel deserve special recognition!

If you know of a website that deserves one of our awards, please contact us! Please make sure the website is of high quality and meets our criteria before you submit it for our consideration. Websites must be complete and sites that contain "under construction " signage will not be considered

The Planetpals "Safe Planet Award" is given to specially selected high quality website that make the planet a safe place for children, promote harmony, understanding, and above all are creative, educational, clean and fun. The Planetpals"Clean Planet Award" is given to specially selected website that are of high quality, promote concern for the environment, by encouraging recycling, ecology, earth sciences,either through school projects or valuable website content.
  Nominate For the "Safe Planet Award"
 Nominate For the "Clean Planet Award"

Up to two weeks is needed to review prospective awards. Due to the overwhelming amount of applications, we are only able to inform those websites which we have awarded.

EMAIL US to nominate your favorite site now!
We appreciate your additions, comments, ideas and feedback.

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