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Planetpals Healthy World Healthy Kids .
Planetpals, is not just another green property, it’s a concept. 

What better way to teach kids to be healthy inside and out than with this set of adorable earth friendly pals. “Moo if you like milk” and  “it’s in to put it in the bin” are just a few of the many fun slogans and rhymes that they use to captivate kids imaginations.

Each character has a specialty and comes with it’s own educational poem that explains their job in the universe and the importance of working together to keep everything clean and green.  All while encouraging kids to join in.

Their theme song: “You can be a Planetpal,too.

Planetpals is the only character set of it’s kind with a following already in place in the preschool and elementary market. After 10 years online, Planetpals has been instrumental in inspiring a generation of responsible adults and looks forward to doing the same in the future.

Parents, educators and group leaders find Planetpals a great way to enlighten kids about their world.

Planetpals has a complete and exciting merchandise program available. Among Planetpals new Licenses is “Planetpals World” a line of ECO friendly themed toys by CEACO/GAMERIGHT and “EARTHBAR” a line of alternative cocoa bars from Dante Confections.

Planetpals, the best characters on EARTH to learn about EARTH.


  • Based on characters from Planetpals award winning educational website
  • Features nine Planetpals with delightful and informative rhymes that enhance reading skills
  • Carefully constructed educational themes that promote strong pro social and pro active values
  • Entertaining and fun earth science and environmental activities and stories
  • Delivers positive messages of teamwork, friendship, responsibility, appreciation
  • Encourages: creativity, learning, problem solving, environmental awareness.
  • Broad appeal among kids 4-11, parents, teachers, earth lovers
  • Planetpals has news groups, blogs and social networking groups that extends it's brand and works as a great source of product endorsement

planetpals bioPlanetpals adorable GREEN Earth Friendly characters help kids care for their world everything in it in a fun way through activities, games, and fun information. What better way to enjoy learning about the environment than with this playful group of friends! Like they say Friends for Earth are Friends for life!

Their popular website is used by schools, organizations and families worldwide.

Planetpals has news groups, blogs and social networking groups that extends it's brand

Did you know?
(stats as of January 2010)

  • There are OVER 33,000 Links to Planetpals Earthzone: from educational portals, environmental organizations, school websites, search engines, top sites referrals, news sources
  • has been a truested source in the classroom and homeschools for 14 years
  • PR Rating is one of the highest ratings you can get
  • Planetpals activities, plays and lesson plans are used in thousands of schools as a teaching tool
  • Planetpals Characters have been used as mascots for Earthday and Recycle Day celebrations worldwide
  • Some schools have a designated "PLANETPALS day" to encourage recycling
  • Planetpals social networks add up to tens of thousands of followers
No way on Earth you want to miss Planetpals License!

To meet each one of the PLANETPALS , click to Meet the Planetpals

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"We eat healthy
we live green
for a better world
safe and clean!"

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